Why am I having trouble logging in to Webmail from www.brmemc.net?


Make sure you are entering the Email Address and Password in lower case.


Cookies need to be enabled in order to login to your email account from BRMEMC.net's homepage. To check that cookies are enabled please follow these steps.
1) Click on Tools at the top of Internet Explorer.
2) Select Internet Options.
3) Click on the Privacy tab.
4) Move the slider down to where it says "Accepts all cookies".
5) Click the Apply button and then OK
You will need to refresh the BRMEMC.net webpage before logging into web based email.



Before logging in to Webmail, be sure to close Outlook Express, Outlook or any other email software program. You can access your mailbox with only one application at a time, and if your mailbox is already open when another program tries to login to it, this can cause your mailbox to enter security lockdown for 15 minutes. When you have finished working in Webmail, be sure to click Logoff to close your mailbox and make it accessible again to Outlook Express or other email programs.


Questions? Give us a call at 706.379.4832 or email us at support@brmemc.net.

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